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Notice of incorporating a joint venture company with Shanghai Cooltech Power Company Limited

Fujian Tide Power Company Limited Notice of incorporating a joint venture company with Shanghai Cool…

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Staff belief

Without depending on any particular resources, we only earn our respect and trust through our hard work.

Our striving for the best shows in our  effort in recognizing what value we can provide to  our

clients and in the same token also enrich our potential in upgrading ourselves from such hard working.

We stick to the philosophy of hard working with persistence which we believe will promise a reasonable return.

You are now with a company that calls for practicality and that your hardworking mode will speak for itself.
Your best effort will be rewarded with high appraisal, promotion as well as in monetary terms.
Just think of how your other colleagues becoming the best performer before you complain.
The most wanted employee: Well equipped with analytical mind and problem solving ability when face with difficulties .
What barriers ahead will be tackled by our learned experience and in a sense we have to keep on learning in order to keep up the pace.
The habit of being precise and serious about what you do can make success in your career and with this ongoing habit,
it will definitely be a life long benefit.
Execution power means that you can perform the perfection in every phase and every details
The common phenomenon and features for the succesful people all over the world lies in their : fondness, self confidence,
thoughtfulness and ethical aspect.
A sound proposal can bring not only great benefit to the company but provide great opportunity for self development as well.
The best presentation of a enterprice's culture is through its fairness and integrity.
If you have decided to leave, please bring with you the honor and the reward that comes with it. We will be your best
witness to all this.