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Notice of incorporating a joint venture company with Shanghai Cooltech Power Company Limited

Fujian Tide Power Company Limited Notice of incorporating a joint venture company with Shanghai Cool…

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Tide Power has been continuously committed to building a professional, learning, customer-oriented team that with a caring atmosphere and great potential. Tide's ultimate goal is to build an outstanding internationally competitive team. During this process, Tide Power cannot do without strong human resources to ensure our ability to reform, innovate, develop markets, and a strengthen management. The support and efforts of qualified personnel at Tide Power is a must and as result Tide Power always looks forward to working with you in trying to realize your personal value while promoting a healthy enterprise.



Position Working Location Undate Time
Service Engineer-Overseas FUZHOU CHINA 2015-04-01
Customer Service Engineer FUZHOU CHINA 2015-04-01
Production Planner FUZHOU CHINA 2015-04-01
Mechanical Design Engineer/Manager FUZHOU CHINA 2015-04-01
Electrical Design Engineer FUZHOU CHINA 2015-04-01
Distribution Development Officer- China Market FUZHOU CHINA 2015-04-01
International Sales FUZHOU CHINA 2015-03-31